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Hello my name is Jeevan Padiyar. This is my personal and professional blog.  It's a place for me to think out loud and learn, talk about things that inspire me, and share my observations with the world. If you feel like my musings are misguided or just plain wrong please feel free to reach out and correct me. I would relesh the opportunity for discourse. Thanks for visiting.

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Jeevan Padiyar

Jeevan Padiyar is a technology entrepreneur and product strategist with ten years of experience in e-commerce and product development. His strong background in financial and competitive analysis, project management, and operations have allowed him to successfully build and lead several technology companies.

In 1994, Jeevan founded Simply Blimps, an arena blimp manufacturer and led it to 150 employees and $30M in sales in 5 years, supporting clients such as NHL, NBA, Tricon Global (Yum Brands) and Subway.

After Simply Blimps, Jeevan studied medicine as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Fellow at Albert Einstein College, focusing on novel antimicrobial agents and vaccine strains for Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis. His research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is frequently cited in scientific literature as instrumental to the understanding of the pathogenesis of tuberculosis.

In 2004 Jeevan helped shape the podcasting market as chairman and CFO of RawVoice, Inc., which created the first podcasting network and was first to monetize the medium. At RawVoice, Jeevan oversaw the company’s first acquisition and signed agreements with GoDaddy, Citrix and HBO. . In tandem with Rawvoice, Jeevan was recruited to serve as IT Director for Mark Green’s campaign for Attorney General.

Following RawVoice, Jeevan served as Principle at Avenue Ventures/ Connectors Group (CG), a Product Strategy and Investment Consulting firm. At CG, jeevan led product development and IT project management for clients in the financial services and non-profit sectors, led due diligence and competative analysis for companies considered by the Connectors Group Angels Forum, and championed New York City Entrepreneur Week, the one of NYC's largest entrepreneur conferences.

Jeevan currently serves as CEO/CFO and product director of Bookswim, a pioneer in the book rental industry, and advisor to several startups.

While Jeevan’s  fields of experience span from hard core technology disciplines like molecular biology to consumer driven fields such as digital media and direct marketing, one common thread has been a passion for data to validate growth strategies for new market penetration.

Jeevan holds degrees in chemistry and biochemistry from Kansas State, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and finds writing in the 3rd person like this slightly awkward.


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