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K.I.S.S - Presentatons

As someone who is continually pitched new company ideas, I sit through mountains of powerpoint presentations. Most of them are just dreadful! The speaker, either "memorizes a speech" and doesn't really interact with his/her slides, or reads whats on the screen verbatim.

The worst presentations. by far, are those that are crammed with text, coupled with presenter who is adding his own message to the pitch. I can usually only focus on one thing, either reading the slide or listening to the speaker, if the two don't mesh, then I am automatically frustrated.

A couple of suggestions for those out there who are looking to empassion their listeners.

a) Keep you presentation to 15 to 30 slides, MAX. 

b) Spend about a minute and a half per slide

c) Whenever possible use pictures instead of words. Keep text to a minimum.

c2) Use exciting imagery

d) Make one point per slide

e) Make sure your entire presentation tells a compelling story, that is, it starts with a one line sentence of what you are going to be talking about, presents a problem, offers a solution and then informs the audience why you are qualified and how you are going to enact that solution.  

f)Keep the mood light. Add a few pre-rehersed and relevant jokes.



 Below is an excellent presentation on creating compelling presentations.

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    Jeevan Padiyar - Growing Innovation - Blog - K.I.S.S - Presentatons
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    Jeevan Padiyar - Growing Innovation - Blog - K.I.S.S - Presentatons
  • Response
    Jeevan Padiyar - Growing Innovation - Blog - K.I.S.S - Presentatons
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    Jeevan Padiyar - Growing Innovation - Blog - K.I.S.S - Presentatons

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