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Hello my name is Jeevan Padiyar. This is my personal and professional blog.  It's a place for me to think out loud and learn, talk about things that inspire me, and share my observations with the world. If you feel like my musings are misguided or just plain wrong please feel free to reach out and correct me. I would relesh the opportunity for discourse. Thanks for visiting.

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Below are a list of articles that I have written and have been syndicated elsewhere, or hightlight projects which I have led.


Syndicated Articles I have written or co-authored

8.27.2010 Is your data lying to you - O'Reilly Radar

5.10.2009 K.I.S.S Presentations - New York City Entrepreneur Week

5.5.2009  Is your company investible - New York City Entrepreneur Week

4.7.2009 Equity Compenstaion Explained - New York City Entrepreneur Week

4.3.2009 What to bring to a pitch - New York City Entrepreneur Week

10.2003 The primary mechanism of attenuation of bacillus Calmette–Guérin is a loss of secreted lytic function required for invasion of lung interstitial tissue - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences


Bookswim Press

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Avenue Ventures/Connectors Group

2.11.2009 Video: Connectors Goup Angel Investos Q&A Session - Center Networks

10.2008 Speaker at Bootstrapper Summit

9.18.2008 Interview with Jeevan Padiyar of the Connectors Group


New York City Entrepreneur Week

4.24.2009 NYC's Pogby Aims to be the OpenTable for Events - Techcrunch

4.2009 Start-ups key to revving city's economic engine AM New York

4.24.2009 Making Connections in New York City - Entrepreneur Magazine

4.24.2009 The Softer Side of Male Entrepreneurs - BusinessWeek

4.24.2009 When You're Ready to Find the Investor of Your Life - BusinessWeek

4.23.2009 Wenda Harris Millard And Dave Morgan On The Coming Golden Age Of TV And Journalism - Washington Post

4.22.2009  Are Incubators the Answer for Companies Looking for Funding?- BusinessWeek

4.21.2009 Celebrity vs. Celebrity -Center Networks

4.20.2009 Mashable Social Media Hub guide

4.20.2009 Advice for Student Entrepreneurs -  BusinessWeek

4.15.2009 New York City Entrepreneurship Week Starts Next Week - BusinessWeek

4.6.2009 Upcoming NYC Events - Entrepreneur Week and LaidOffCampNY -Center Networks

3.18.2009 How Can You Find Funding? Go to Entrepreneur Week - New York Enterprise Report

3.18.2009 Groups launching a conference on start-ups - Crain's New York



3.29.2007 RawVoice Acquires TechPodcasts Network

2.1.2007 Blubrry Featured in Nokia Phone Podcasting Menu

9.2006 Rawvoice, Inc Executives to Sit on Two Different Industry Panels -PR Web

7.3.2006 New Podcasting Social Network Debuts at Gnomedex - Droxy Digital

11.18.2005 New Podcasting Network Delivers Customized News Podcasts - Podcasting News


Howard Hughes Medical Institute

5.02.03 Medical Students Will Do Research - HHMI Press Release